MUR Painting, Sheetrock & Framing Services offer quality solutions. interior and exterior painting and decorating services within Metro Atlanta.


With good quality and precise scheduling our crew have the resources and experience to handle large projects. Our availability is before, during and after the job is completed, making sure your painting job is a satisfied success. MUR professional  painters offer “real time” product selection guidance. We use the highest quality products from Sherwin-Williams, Hallman Lindsay and Benjamin Moore.

For a tradesman, a key quality is being prompt and reliable, and MUR take pride in this.  We offer a quality service at a competitive rate, and leaving all premises clean and tidy on completion of the job is standard practice.  All work is guaranteed and we are fully insured.

MUR Services is part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) providing proof of occupational competency on building sites and for private clients. 

MUR Services is proud of its flexibility,and ability to adapt to your needs. please contact us for a no-obligation quote.


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Whether you're building or redesigning, you will get to the meaningful part where you have to introduce drywall in your inside rooms. You may succeed in handling this errand yourself on the off chance that you have sufficient energy and slant, however it could be a stretch. Without the required information, experience, and specialized aptitudes that a drywall contractor has, finishing the establishment can be a troublesome task for any property holder and ought not be endeavored.  


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Whether it’s interior or exterior, wood or metal, MUR is your go to contractor. Our craftsmanship is superb and consistent with the work we do. Choosing the right framing expert for commercial and industrial work is crucial to the integrity of the building’s structure. Both vertical and horizontal studs are strategically placed along exterior and interior partitions. Wall plate, headers, doorframes, window frames, and trim are all carefully planned out by our architects and engineers and later executed by expert craftsmen. MUR meet all deadlines and complete the project within the pre-negotiated budget, while maintaining a high degree of craftsmanship and paying attention to detail.


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